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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  September 13, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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federal investigators are taking the ruptured section of pipe to washington, d.c. that is where it will be analyze today try to determine what went wrong. >> federal officials are asking for the public's help to determine how it rum turd. the state is ordering pg&e all 6400 miles of the natural gas transmission lines. this is a live picture over the site of the explosion that killed at least four people and destroyed dozens of homes. janelle wang joins us with more.
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>> i'm just down the street from the site. investigators are expected to be here for the next seven to ten days gathering up all the evidence they need to determine the cause of last thursday's deadly explosion. >> investigators backed up the largest piece of evidence. the section of pipeline that was blown out of the ground last thursday. that and two other pieces, each about ten feet long will be shipped to washington, d.c. to a lab. >> we know it's pressurize go and de-pressurize ago pipe. it could be impact damage from excavation. >> they will look to see if there are any defects in the welding. >> we're very pleased that we do have such a big chunk of evidence but we're not sure we have all the fragments of the pipe. anybody that finds a metal fragment, please report it to
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us. >> they also want amateur video of the site prior to the explosion. also, if anyone noted dying vegetation which could be a is sign of leaking gas. they have ordered pg&e to inspect all 6400 miles of gas transmission lines with priority given to lines running under highly populated areas. >> we had no clue there was a 50-year-old pipe running through our neighborhood. >> investigators say it will take probably a year or more to complete the investigation and determine how to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. >> in the course of doing that, however, if we find issues that warrant immediate attention we will put out recommendations immediately. here is another live picture from sky 7 at the blast zone. you are looking at the crater
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which is sitting in the middle of the san bruno neighborhood. in the meantime pg&e is facing more heat this morning. according to reports, state found that puc managers were not properly trained on gas inspection equipment. we found out about a lawsuit filed by a former pg&e employee last month before the explosion happened. he claimed supervisors severely harassed him after he reported unsafe practices on the company's gas transmission lines. they are expected to hold a news conference in less than an hour from now. if you are one of the people in san bruno who claims to have smelled natural gas days before the explosion, puc wants to hear from you. you are asked to call their number or e-mail them with
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information. we are learning more about the fire victims this morning. 13-year-old and her mother both died inside their home on claremont drive when a gas line exploded. she also wrote for a school newspaper. they have a special prayer service for the family this morning. >> it's a time to remember, remember her mother. she was a beautiful person. we know they are in god's loving embrace. >> 20-year-old jessica morales died on friday monk. her boyfriend joseph gomez is in critical condition after suffering burns trying rescue her.
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>> san bruno officials two of the six people previously reported missing in the san bruno explosion have now been located. that leaves four people unaccounted for. they are included three members of the bullis family. they are worried that the three died in the family. officials have not publicly identified the fourth missing person. >> right now officials are meeting with neighbors whose homes are red-tagged. they're getting an update and in a few hours they may see the remains of their homes. tomas ramon is outside the meeting center. >> right outside the senior center, it's only for those people that were red-tagged or homes were destroyed in the fire. the meeting is being held by the
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mayor and chief of police and what they are doing here is trying to answer all the questions the residents may have and perhaps escort them into the area so they can go to their homes and salvage whatever they can. >> the house you see en guvld in flames is on clare mopt. this is where necessity used to call home. he is thankful all he lost is the house. >> he and the family and dog are safe. they came to the meeting to get some answers but he's not sure people he'll ask will tell them what he needs to know. >> what i would like to know, what do they plan on doing. this is a 30-inch pipe that runs through our neighborhood. if i'm going rebuild i want to make sure that the remaining lines -- >> he would like them directed away from homes.
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he is 35 and now lost the only home he's ever known. >> growing up there and you know everybody out there. that whole block. i live on glenview. people i went to school with and parents still live there. >> they both want to see left of their homes and salvage whatever they can just for the memories. >> right now i'm living with my aunt. >> you are looking at the devastation from sky 7. this is the area that many people want to get back in to. the area of some 80 plus homes that have either been destroyed or extremely damaged by the explosion and resulting fire. the meeting that is being held at the senator center is planned basically to try to get some of
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the people back into the area so they can salvage whatever mementos that are still around. this meeting is expected to last another half-hour and it's possible a bus will come by and take an escort whoever wants to get back into the area to see if they can get anything out of their homes. pg&e parent corporation has told federal regulators that the company's financial stability could be affected by the huge amounts of money expected in damage claims. they hold $1 billion in fire insurance but there is concern it might not be enough. past accidents ever resulted in payments up to $200 million. but this is a highly populated area and their liability could be much higher.
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>> post office says delivery service should start again in the area. more than two dozen dogs and cats were brought to a shelter and many have been returned to their owners. we've gathered a number of resources regarding the san bruno fire on our website. you'll find the status of homes and our own video tour of the devastation along with how you can help the victims. it's all on the home at >> just ahead, another delay in the release of u.c. berkeley graduate being holiday in iran. >> and why the family is fighting over her bail. >> and the battle over legalizing marijuana in california picks you were significant support. the endorsement comes
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor the family of a u.c. berkeley graduate is appealing to iranian authorities to drop the demand for a half million dollar bail for her freedom. sarah shourd's family says they can't afford it. she is caught in a tug of war of rival factions from the iranian government. >> lawyers for american sarah shourd say her family is appealing to authorities to drop the demand for $500,000 cash bail base they cannot afford
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that amount. she is sick and expected to head back to the u.s. to receive treatment. there is a very powerful string attached, she would be leaving behind two other hikers in the prison. three hikers were arrested back on july 31 for entering iran illegally and were accused of being spies. >> nobody wants to think that two people's lives depend on them returning to the country. >> her release was first announced on thursday and then reinstated on sunday. on and off again is indications of competing factions. they were rebuke by the court that set the bail condition. just this morning, the powerful revolutionary guard criticized the release calling eight bonus for quran burners in the united
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states. they may be reunited to the mothers that traveled iran but until sunday the lawyer had never met them. we were together for two or three hours but i'm hoping to get all of them released on bail >> u.s. officials say the money for the bail is not coming from taxpayers. some california law enforcement and judicial officials are making a surprising call to back the november ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana. they are holding a nice conference today to endorse proposition 19. it would allow adults over 21 to buy non-medicinal marijuana and tax the sales. former san jose police chief says our prohibition laws waste resources and create a black market controlled by gangs. >> clouds cleared this morning and cooler temperatures. >> you got that right. silly. we're still seeing around the
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bay area as we look from emeryville. still the pre-thick around marin county. we'll talk about the cooling trend. we have warmer weather before a chance of rain this weekend. >> plus, why federal officials could be on the verge of pulling a popular diet pill off the market. >> and new survey of how many of us are washing our
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>> another federal health officials are considering whether to pull a controversial diet pill off the market that is linked to heart attacks and strokes. fda has posted a safety review on line of the drug meridia. the date of release showed patients had a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. they pulled it in january and wanted outside experts to consider. >> americans are washing hands more often in public restrooms.
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experts secretly observed people in public restrooms in four cities including san francisco. they found 85% of people wash their hands and 77% from 2007. one thing hasn't changed, men are still, shall we say more careless with hygiene. 23% of men failed to wash compared to 7% of women. >> meteorologist mike nicco has more. >> not you of course, you wash. >> i was wondering how you were copping to me with that one. >> let's move on and talk if we can clean the sky of some of these clouds making for a beautiful picture with the low clouds hanging around the bay. some of the high clouds rolling in on the jetstream which is flying overhead.
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take one more perfect speck i have to looking to downtown san francisco. valleys would clear out by noon and the bay will clear out around 2:00. you can see sonoma county pretty socked in but santa clara valley out and breaks starting to develop at the coast. awaiting a while, it's coming. let's talk temperatures. we are rolling -- these are the temperatures from this morning. we're in the 50s this morning and 50s around the bay for the rest of us. afternoon sunshine and cooling breeze, cloudy tonight with coastal drizzle but most of us will be dry. warmest will be wednesday, thursday and friday and next system will come in to bring us a chance of rain. we're dropping behind concord, 35 degrees cooler. oakland and san jose, 6, santa rosa, 7 and redwood city will be 12 degrees cooler than average for september 13th.
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we're looking at temperatures low to mid-70s in south bay today. on the peninsula there is the redwood city at 69 and also in the 60s, millbrae and menlo park. near 60 at pacifica to 62 in daly city to the. south san francisco and sausalito and san rafael in the mid to upper 60s. low to mid-70s in the valleys with afternoon sunshine. richmond, berkeley, oakland, hercules in the mid to upper 50s everybody else in the low to mid-70s. 80 in pittsburg and also brentwood for the warm spot. monterey bay, low to mid-50s. for tonight, we'll see a little clearing from napa to santa rosa in the upper 40s but pretty cloudy and low to mid-50s. i can see how big this trough of low pressure is that is developing in the eastern pacific. that low you see coming towards
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us, that is bringing the strong onshore wind. this low is going to sit here and spin all week around then towards the weekend it starts to move towards us. when it does it will bring moisture and cooler weather. before we get there, cool today but a little bit of a warming trend, tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. temperatures will be five degrees warmer by thursday. thank you. >> this afternoon at 3:00, a new live talk show called seven lives. >> and host is very familiar, brian copeland. ready to go? >> i'm ready to go. take a look at our digs here. this is a brand-new set. this is going to be like any talk show on tv. we have what we call the voice box but people will give us their opinions. what we're going to be doing is talking about what your talking about. whatever the conversation that
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you're having throughout the day about everything in terms of tech, social media, in material is terms of culture pop and news. i get to give my opinion. isn't that neat. >> we can't do that. >> and you'll be joined by couple familiar faces? >> lizzie will be a contributor. >> you wanted to hear by folks from twitter? >> twitter or facebook page, you can go to facebook page. seven live online or 7 live. so it's an ongoing conversation. so it's tv with attitude. >> i like it. >> you're going to be talking about lady gaga. >> we'll be talking about lady gaga and we'll talk about the
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sanitary challenged men that you were discussing earlier. we had to actually count the guys walking in. >> all right. brian, thank you so much. >> sounds like fun. >> it starts today, big debut. >> coming up today.... >> lady gaga, a new dress at mtv awards. >> this outfit >> the season premiere of "oprah." oprah: with john travolta. >> and -- oprah: i had no idea. >> ahh. >> plus, one of the biggest surprises in "oprah show" history. next "oprah."
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escorted back into their neighborhood. this is a live picture of the area. they want to see if there anything left of their homes. >> lady gaga is defending her unusual fashion statement last night on the mtv music awards. >> she won eight awards including video of the year but the buzz all about the does, made from a cut of meat. >> it's not an anti-animal rights message, she was protesting the military restrictions on gay soldiers. >> well, m&m enimem talk the top video award along with justin. video award along with justin. >> who wants to be a man: we need a sofa.
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